Eurasian Soil Science

Vol. 38, No. 12, 2005

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Eurasian Soil Science ISSN 1064-2293.

Academician Innoketii Petrovich Gerasimov

G. V. Dobrovol’skii, M. I. Gerasimova, N. A. Karavaeva, and V. O. Targulian p. 1253  abstract

Genesis and Evolution of Soils

Elementary Pedogenic Processes

V. O. Targulian p. 1255  abstract

On the Problem of the Relative Age of Subaerial Mountain Meadow
and Mountain Forest Soils of Tien Shan

M. A. Glazovskaya p. 1265  abstract

Absolute and Relative Ages of Soils from Radiocarbon Dating:
Development of I.P. Gerasimov’s Ideas

O. A. Chichagova p. 1277  abstract

The Paradigm of Pedology: How We Learn What We Learn

R. W. Arnold p. 1286  abstract

Micromorphological and Microbiological Characterization
of Elementary Soil-Forming Processes in Desert Soils of Mongolia

D. L. Golovanov, M. P. Lebedeva-Verba,
M. F. Dorokhova, and A. I. Slobodkin
p. 1290  abstract

Geography and Cartography of Soils

Studies of the Soil Cover Patterns in Modern Soil Science: Approaches and Tendencies

S. V. Goryachkin p. 1301  abstract

World Soil Maps: The Contribution of I.P. Gerasimov and Recent Advances

N. A. Karavaeva and M. I. Gerasimova p. 1309  abstract

Principles of Typification of Soil Combinations
upon Studying Agrogenic Changes in the Soil Cover

N. P. Sorokina p. 1317  abstract

Soil Classification

The Concept of Elementary Soil Processes in the New Classification System
of Russian Soils using the Example of Metamorphic Horizons

M. I. Gerasimova, V. D. Tonkonogov, and I. I. Lebedeva p. 1329  abstract

Taxonomy and Large-Scale Mapping of Russian Soils

M. S. Simakova p. 1336  abstract

The Development of Soil Classification in Cuba

A. Hernandez Jiménez and M. O. Ascanio Garcia p. 1342  abstract

Antrhopogenic Soil Formation and Soil Conservation

Typification of the Anthropogenic Processes of Degradation of Chernozems

I. A. Krupenikov p. 1347  abstract

Agrogenic Soils: Environmental Conditions, Properties, and Processes

N. A. Karavaeva p. 1355  abstract

Author Index to Volume 38, 2005 p. 1366

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