New Material on the Genus Hyopsodus (Mammalia,
Condylarthra) from the Eocene of Mongolia:
Morphological Variability and Taxonomic Position

P. E. Kondrashov and A. K. Agadjanian

Paleontological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, ul. Profsoyuznaya 123, Moscow 117868, Russia

Received April 10, 1998

Abstract—New material on Hyopsodus orientalis Dashzeveg from the Early Eocene of the Tsagan-Khushu
locality (Mongolia) is described. To date, this is the most extensive material on this genus found in Asia. The
morphology of the dental system is described, the intraspecific variation in this species and the data on the geo-
logical and geographic occurrence of the genus are considered. The taxonomic position and status of the species
of the genus Hyopsodus from China are considered. H. fangxianensis Huang, 1995 is regarded as a junior syn-
onym of H. huashigouensis Tong, 1989. The diagnoses of the family Hyopsodontidae and the genus Hyopsodus
are emended.

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