Gobiatherium (Dinocerata, Mammalia) from Kyrgyzstan:
Morphology and Taxonomic Position

A. K. Agadjanian and P. E. Kondrashov

Paleontological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, ul. Profsoyuznaya 123, Moscow, 117868 Russia

Received March 27, 1998

Abstract—New material on the genus Gobiatherium is described from the Middle Eocene of Kyrgyzstan. It
includes two almost complete skulls and a lower jaw including permanent and deciduous incisors. The cranial
and dental morphology of Gobiatherium mirificum is considered. Based on these data, jaw muscle function is
analyzed. The phylogenetic relationships of the Dinocerata and Pantodonta and the composition of the order
Amblypoda are considered. The data on the historical development and geological and geographical distribu-
tion of these groups are analyzed. A hypothesis for the early isolation of amblypods from the eutherian stock is

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